Euler Award in Network Science


The Euler Award will be granted for outstanding research discoveries in the field of network science, especially those that changed paradigms or assumptions. The award is for an important scientific contribution, not for the lifetime contributions of the nominee. Contributions may concern recent discoveries or past breakthroughs that are of relevance to current research in the field.


Eligibility and Selection. All members of the community engaged with the Network Science Society are eligible for nomination. Selection from the pool of nominees will be conducted by an award committee, to be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Network Science Society and composed of a minimum of 4 prominent researchers active in the area of network science. The award committee is fully and exclusively endowed with the responsibility of assessing the eligibility of nominations, evaluating the nomination packages, and selecting the awardee. The composition of the committee will be made public only after the official communication of the award recipient.


Award and Ceremony. The Euler Award will be granted each year to one network scientist meeting the criteria above. The award will consist of a personalized plaque and the honor of a lecture at the NetSci International School and Conference on Network Science, which is the annual flagship conference of the society. The award ceremony and lecture will take place in a special session at the Conference portion of the meeting. Attendance at the award ceremony is binding for the award assignment (travel expenses to the award ceremony will be covered by the Network Science Society).


Nomination and Nomination Materials. Each nomination must be submitted by one nominator with the support of two co-nominators, who are expected to independently address the merits of the nomination in view of the criteria above. Self-candidatures will not be considered. Nominators and co-nominators are expected to be active researchers who have distinguished themselves in the area of network science and who are well-acquainted with the contributions of the nominee. For consideration, the nominator is required to submit a nomination package consisting of the following:

·      Nomination letter prepared and signed by the nominator, which should include a proposed citation of no more than 30 words.

·      Two evaluation letters prepared and signed by the co-nominators, which should provide independent assessment of the scientific discoveries made by the nominee.

The nomination package can also include the following optional materials:

·      Curriculum vitae of the nominee, including a full list of publications in the area of network science.

·      Copies of the original publication(s) reporting the discovery/ies that form the basis of the nomination.


All materials must be in English, and the nomination package should be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The files should be in PDF (preferred) or Word format. Separate recommendation letters and other items not listed above will not be considered.


Deadline and Decisions. The completed nomination package must be received at the above e-mail address on or before March 1. A letter of intent (LOI) indicating just the names of the nominator, co-nominators, and nominee should be sent to the email above by February 15. The LOI is optional but strongly recommended. Decisions are expected to be communicated by March 31 of the respective year.