Awards and Prizes of the Network Science Society: 


Fellows of the Network Science Society

The Fellowship Program of the Network Science Society recognizes researchers who have made outstanding and significant contributions to network science research and to the community of network scientists. Elected nominees are named Fellows of the Network Science Society.

Euler Award

The Euler Award will be granted for outstanding research discoveries in the field of network science, especially those that changed paradigms or assumptions. The award is for an important scientific contribution, not for the lifetime contributions of the nominee. Contributions may concern recent discoveries or past breakthroughs that are of relevance to current research in the field. 

Erdős-Rényi Prize

The Erdős–Rényi Prize is awarded to a selected young scientist (under 40 years old on the day of the nomination deadline) for their achievements in research activities in the area of network science, broadly construed. While the achievements can be both theoretical and experimental, the prize is aimed at emphasizing outstanding contributions relevant to the interdisciplinary progress of network science.


Outstanding Service Award

The NetSci Outstanding Service Award will be granted for exceptional service to the Network Science Society. The award is for contributions that have sustained positive impact on activities of the society. Contributions may concern services provided by officers of the society, committee members, organizers of NetSci events, and advocates at large for the society.